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Yamaha Byson 2011

Test Ride Yamaha Byson 2011

See how it looks, Test Ride Yamaha Byson who would not be tempted. Bodi semok, big tires, as well as details of the styles ranging from the speedometer, exhaust to the tail. In appearance, Byson can add to your looks plus points on the road direct digital raya.Speedometer steal the eye, because everything is numbers, no longer using a needle as a pointer speed and engine rpm. (Doc detikOto). The middle part as claimed Yamaha Byson action center, with no less deltabox action such as V-Ixion, also black berkelir machine. (Doc detikOto).'ve Put the rear suspension with five suspension settings Monocross violence. (Doc detikOto). Seat width with a large tank quite nice to have flanked his thighs. Moreover, wide handlebar with nearly one meter, which is 727 mm, making the riding position is very challenging Byson. (Doc detikOto).
Test Ride Yamaha Byson 2010

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