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2011 Honda Element Will be the Last Honda Element

2011 Honda Element Will be the Last Honda Element

The 2011 Honda Element returns with fewer options and fewer model lines for the new model year, with no sign of a replacement in sight. The Honda Element 2011 basically carries over from the 2010 Honda Element. The versatile four-passenger new Honda Element maximizes space for people and cargo while retaining a relatively compact size and car-like driving characteristics.
2011 Honda Element LX SUV-image1
The 2011 Honda Element is available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations and a choice of two trim levels: the LX and EX. Both trim levels are equipped with a 166-hp 2.4-liter inline 4-cylinder engine, matched with a five-speed automatic transmission. The rugged Honda Element LX 2011 is equipped with 16-inch steel wheels, a CD player and air conditioning, while the Honda Element EX 2011 adds further refinements that include alloy wheels, satellite radio, MP3 capability, an auxiliary input jack and a convertible centre console with removable cooler box. For the Honda Element 2011 line up, the SC trim is no longer available.
2011 Honda Element LX-image2
The 2011 Honda Element really takes full advantage of the square design and this shape allows much more room on the interior of the vehicle. It is also larger than most other box body cars and offers an option of front or all wheel drive. These are just some reasons that this is the best selling box car on the market. The Honda Element 2011 proves to be a very versatile SUV alternate and has become a popular vehicle for those who love outdoors activities that require a vehicle to handle some rugged terrain.
2011 Honda Element front exterior-image4
2011 Honda Element comes standard with folding seats to give more storage room on the inside and also has waterproof and stain resistant seats. Alike the Dodge, this SUV style vehicle is made to play hard and get dirty; the Honda Element 2011 can even have built in coolers for campers if you choose this additional options package. Sadly, there’s a bad news concerning the 2011 Honda Element discontinued.
2011 Honda Element EX exterior-image5

Honda Element is Discontinued After the 2011 Honda Element

American Honda Motor Co. said Friday that it would stop making its Element utility vehicle after the 2011 Honda Element model year. Honda said that the car had been overshadowed in its own lineup by the CR-V small SUV and that competitors had come out with other small utilities that compete with the 2011 Honda Element.
2011 Honda Element interior-image6
But after an initial sales surge, the Honda Element upgrades is aged quickly, analysts said. The market for little crossovers is a fickle one; buyers tend to flit to the newest entry. That’s one reason the Kia Soul, introduced for model-year 2010, is the top-seller among a competitive set that includes the 2011 Honda Element, xB, and Cube.
2011 Honda Element automatic shifter view-image8
Sadly, aside from some minor improvements over time, Honda hasn’t really kept the Honda Element 2011 up to speed with advancements over its lifecycle. This Honda Element powertrain remains the same, as does the vehicle’s structure and suspension. So while other vehicles in this competitive set have improved, the Honda Element model year of 2011 is the same noisy, buzzy box it was when it first arrived on the market.
2011 Honda Element trunk-image7
Besides that, the Honda Element 2011 has more or less remained as is from the day it went on sale. For you to notice, the colors only offers 6 options for its exterior and 2 interior colors. If Honda did take a stab at doing the 2011 Honda Element by massaging the looks, updating the interior and slotting in a more powerful powertrain with improved fuel economy, people would again take notice of it.

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