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2050 Will Transparent Body Aircraft

CALIFORNIA - Can you imagine, a plane with just the push of a button can make the body of the aircraft to be transparent?
That makes the passengers could see the sights toward the heavens on the side and also see the sights of the cities below from a height of 40,000 feet?

European aircraft company, Airbus launched the paper the notion / idea of "The Future, by Airbus" as thick as 14 pages, containing the wild ideas of commercial aviation for the future, as quoted from the LA Times, Friday (24/09/2010) .

On paper they are written in the idea, that the commercial aviation aircraft in 2050, his chair will adjust the size of the passenger's body and a holographic projection will change the special cabin with views of the Japanese Zen garden style.

"So imagine, you will get to choose their own theme cabin scene on the flight altitude over 32,000 feet," wrote the Airbus in the paper.

Airbus also said that the aircraft will also be providing fuselage features a translucent / transparent.

I wonder if this idea will be accepted or rejected, which obviously people still want to see the view from an airplane while flying through the air at speeds of 600 miles per hour.

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