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2012 Toyota Celica is Not Confirmed for the US Market

2012 Toyota Celica is Not Confirmed for the US Market

The 2012 Toyota Celica is a low-cost sports car that is being working on jointly by Subaru and Toyota. The Toyota 2012 Celica version is not confirmed for the U. S. market, but it is expected by industry experts to make its debut in 2012 for under $20, 000. In February 2010, the Toyota USA President and CEO Jim Lentz conveyed in an interview about the company launching sports car at an affordable price for the US markets.
2012 Toyota Celica exterior-image2
The Toyota FT-86 Concept was shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show as the combined version of Subaru and Toyota that will be arriving in the market as the 2011 Toyota Celica. The Toyota FT-86 and the new 2012 Celica are expected to be priced at $ 20,000 and can go below around $ 17,000 if the exchange rate is better.
2012 Toyota Celica sports car side-image3
The new 2012 Toyota Celica is a stylish sporty car with low cost that will be greatly beneficial for the customers who are concerned with high costs sports car. The 2012 Celica promises not only the low price for this stylish sporty car, but also to score on the fun driving specially for young customers.
2012 Toyota Celica sports car side-image3
Toyota appears to be very serious about its return to the sports car market with their 2012 Toyota Celica, also stating that, “The show car was created as part of Toyota’s reborn passion for sports-car driving and the intrinsic fun of motoring”. Beside the 2012 Toyota Celica, the new 2012 Toyota Tacoma, 2012 Toyota Tundra, 2012 Toyota Avalon and Toyota Camry 2012 are planned to be released soon.
2012 Toyota Celica wheel-image8
This new combined version of Subaru and Toyota project, the 2012 Toyota Celica, was announced by the Toyota CEO Katsuaki Watanabe at a Tokyo press conference in April 2008. There were rumors and criticism about Toyota which has not made any interesting cars for its customers after the drop of 2005 Celica and the mid engine 2005 MR2 Spyder convertible.
2012 Toyota Celica sports car interior-image1
The Toyota is now setting up a group study to produce the 2012 Toyota Celica after the 2011 model. The new 2012 is a top cool brand with slick looks, great performance, and great miles per gallon, all for an affordable price. The customers are eagerly waiting for the 2012 new cars of Toyota or Subaru, the joint venture of Toyota and Subaru can be expected soon to arrive. It is said that the new 2012 Celica would be having a sloped roof hatchback.

The Specifications

Toyota 2012 Celica is a good sporty car with rear wheel drive. It has 2.0 and 2.5 liter horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engines that can produce 170 to 175 horsepower and 170 to 175 Ib-ft of torque. This 2012 Celica has six speeds manual and six speed automatic transmissions.
2012 Toyota Celica interior dashboard-image5
The body of the new 2012 Toyota Celica is expected to have measures 163.8 inches in length, 69.3 inches in width, and 48.2 inches in height. The base curb weight is 2,450 pounds. It will be arriving with fair and modest standard equipments. The 2012 Celica looks similar to much older renderings that we use to speculate being the new 2012 Toyota Supra.
This will have air conditioning, great sound system with MP3 plug-in, and wireless cell phone link. The new 2012 Toyota Celica is expected to have safety features like curtain side airbags, antilock brakes, antiskid system, traction control, and a firm sport suspension.

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