Here is an example when the steering wheel and stick the clutch was replaced with accessories with a very good material. Many famous brands and a good supply of accessories, ranging from Momo, Isotta, etc.. In the picture below using Clutch Stir Sticks brand and Isotta. But before replacing with this askesoris, to consider whether the steering wheel and your car's clutch rod can be removed just like that, or something to do with an electronic connection, airbag, or anything else. Do not sacrifice functionality inherited from the original vehicle.

Be sure to get the genuine article, not the asphalt (real or fake). We can learn from to materials and prices. In comparison to Isotta Steering wheel brands, for items you can get the price of asphalt dikisaran 500rb, while the goods are genuine Isotta at least you have to spend at least 2 million for a nice wheel. You can visit stores like Daytona to get the original item.