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The HK Holden Kingswood

The HK Holden Kingswood

The first of these range from the hit series was a Kingswood HK, and unknowingly, Holden was about to leave the car in Australia, a car that was one of the best investments that any car buyer would informed. It would be a remarkable piece of social mobility just a HK Holden Kingswood own.
Red HK Holden Kingswood
E ‘was larger, deeper, larger and rounder in appearance, with more models and new mechanical properties, including an imported V8 – and a wide range of factory options. Windows, air conditioning and energy initially offered.
The Kingswood Hong Kong was published in 1968 and sold “at the end of 1969 with 199,039 sold Holden HK. At an auction of motor vehicles in Melbourne recently, a 1969 HK Kingswood sedan are included in the auction, not registered, but converted to LPG. The starting price of $ 2215 when it was new 41 years ago. The car was equipped with a motor home 253V8.
The car set a new standard in the auction and sold for a staggering $ 17,000. It is a 675% return on the original purchase price. In the same sale, a sale in 1970 by Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in very presentable for a paltry $ 12,500. The original owner of the Rolls would be disturbed by the loss of their investment.
The investment potential of each car built in Australia, Holden is huge, if the order is served in recent years.

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