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Modification Motorcycle

New Modification Motorcycle

The motorcycle is named Duu. You must wonder where it came from and who the maker? Big bike (MOGE) was crafted by CR & S (Cafe Racing & Sport), a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. And this is a homemade hand Duu to be produced is limited in 2011 at a price of about 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Listened from the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular naked bike America (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be to get a free ride, though small, but can be folded) and the machine.

This is the desire of the "mature" motorcyclist, WHO demands certainty, continuity and a top-value in terms of design and technology.Be Prepared to indulge your passion for Exclusivity and value for money.

The Duu, a motorcycle to satisfy a sophisticated and intuitive market of enthusiasts Who Are Aware of Things That Their meet needs and are made to last.
The Duu, never neglecting the vital aspects of a "premium" motorcycle: emotion and character.

The Duu is powered by a 1.916 cc X-Wedge engine developing over 1995 horsepower and 140 Nm (103.3 lb.ft.) of torque from 2500 to 4700 rpm. The pushrod engine includes two valves per cylinder head with hydraulic self-adjustment, and three belt-driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust).

The structural components are made in carbon, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts: the chassis' backbone and the seat holder box structure. In Addition to this, EACH introduced new options will of some 100% retrofittable on EACH Duu.

For cardiac pacemaker, Duu given X-Edge engine 1916 cc V-Twin which has a maximum power of 95 HP with 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4700 rpm. Keistimewan machine specially made home modifications to S & S to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt Noken as a player (one smoked, two exhaust).

The options list includes a lot of high quality hand made components, Such as the front light, the fake gas tanks with storage function, the GPS holder and folding windshield (CR & S patent), the passenger comfort seats, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR & S light alloy wheels machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap's cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.

Several possibilities are available configuration Concerning the look, from EACH component's color, to the chassis and the wheels finishes. The powertrain's color cans even be chosen. A customized Engraved silver plate Gives the final touch.

Many structural components are made of carbon materials and high quality handmade results. Like the front lights, gas tank, GPS and glass folding handle (patent had a CR & S), which can be folded passenger seat, disc brakes superbike models and more.

Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels wrapped in black rubber, large size. Interestingly, exhaust design is very simple and does not interfere with the impression naked. Then the exhaust tip dual model under the back foot. Can-can be melted shoes.

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