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BMW M3 2012 Carries a Low Slung and Muscular Appearance

BMW M3 2012 Carries a Low Slung and Muscular Appearance

The BMW M3 2012 is the best car for you if you want the ultimate expression of German engineering and performance in a package more practical than a Porsche. The BMW M3 2012 isn’t expected to receive substantive changes. It will continue to take everything that makes the 2012 BMW 3 Series best-selling line and deliver more of it — quite a bit more.
BMW M3 2012 front-image1
For the 2012 model year, the 2012 BMW M3 Convertible and coupe are unchanged. Based on the new 2012 BMW 3 Series Coupe, the new 2012 BMW M3 has a revamped interior, exterior, and mechanical underpinnings. The M3 2012 targets the Lexus IS-F, Audi RS5, and Mercedes CLK63 AMG.
BMW M3 2012 coupe from top-image4
The M3 2012 should carry over cosmetically with the basic look it received with its model-year 2008 revision. Like the 2012 BMW 3 Series upon which it’s based, the BMW M3 2012 Specifications carries a low slung and muscular appearance, with the wheels stretched dramatically to the corners of the vehicle.
While the family resemblance will remain strong, the 2012 BMW M3 will again share only its doors and trunk lid with the rest of the 2012 BMW 3 Series models such as the 2012 BMW M5 and 2012 BMW M6. The 2012 BMW M3 features a high-revving power plant like the M3s of previous years, but this time the motor is a V8.
BMW M3 2012 trunk-image5
It also features tuned suspension, a six-speed manual transmission, a carbon fiber roof, and all the exterior modifications typical of an “M” car. The V8 power plant has two more cylinders than its predecessor, delivering 414 horsepower from 4.0 litters and maximum torque of 295 pound-feet at 3,900 rpm.
BMW M3 2012 steering wheel-image6
EPA fuel-economy estimates for the BMW M3 2012 weren’t released in time for this review but don’t expect much change from the 2012 BMW 3 Series ratings. This means a BMW M3 2012 should be rated at 20/16 mpg city/highway with either the six-speed manual or seven-speed dual clutch transmission.
BMW M3 2012 interior-image3
The interior will likely remain similar in appearance to the rest of the 2012 BMW 3 Series line, with an understated look but one enhanced with richer materials and various M-specific embellishments. Reminiscent of the carbon fiber roof panel used on the 2012 BMW M6 coupe, the BMW M3 2012 CFRP roof cuts unnecessary weight, and lowers the car’s center of gravity.
BMW M3 2012 wheel-image9
It also lets the roof edge appear flatter and thus lowers the perceived body height. Buyers should again be able to adorn the cabin with specific leather treatments and a choice of wood or aluminum trim. As do mainstream 3-Series body styles, the BMW M3 2012 sedan seats five while the 2012 BMW M3 Convertible and coupe will again be four-passenger cars.
BMW M3 2012 coupe rear end-image8

BMW M3 2012 Pricing

Prices for the BMW M3 2012 were not announced in time for this review but they’re expected to remain close to their model-2011 levels. This means a M3 2012 sedan should carry a base price near $57,000, with the coupe starting about $60,000 and the 2012 BMW M3 Convertible around $69,000.
BMW M3 2012 silver coupe-image2
As for other options, expect to pay around $500 for heated front seats, $1,100 for a power moonroof, $2,100 for the navigation system, $1,000 for Dynamic Damper Control, and $750 for the OnStar-like BMW Assist system with a Bluetooth hands-free mobile-phone adapter. The 2012 BMW M3 should again be subject to the federal gas-guzzler tax gas-guzzler tax levied on passenger cars that exceed specified fuel economy limits.

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