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Oplet, never serves as a convenient public transportation in Jakarta. Now replaced by a microbus. In the 1960s and 1970s, oplet become the most popular public transport in Jakarta. Medium and large buses are still rare. When was the most traveled route is oplet Jatinegara - City. The route is through Matraman Raya Jatinegara Station, Salemba Kingdom, Monday, New Market continues to play in harmony.
After standing terminal Kampung Melayu, the existence of more oplet get a place. Stretch-stretch are also present in some areas, such as Kampung Melayu - Tanah Abang, City - Tanjung Priok, and Tanah Abang - Kebayoran Lama.

Oplet name back up in the 1990s when the RCTI broadcast soap opera "Si Doel Anak School`. Oplet is a public vehicle that has one door at the rear. The door into the incoming and outgoing passengers. At the front there is also a door, which is on the right and left. One passenger may be seated beside the driver. Oplet generally contain about 10 people. Interestingly, almost the entire body is made of wood oplet. So did the window. To close and open the window, passengers staying up or down. Window not made of glass or plastic, but of wood and some sort of skin that is not transparent. Gas tank on the inside, right between the legs of passengers.

Oplet have a turn signal-lights-turn signs pointing to a very unique, being out of the right and left. If you will turn right, then the little yellow stick jreng will rise like a portal. So also on the left. Oplet horn is also unique because there are on the outside. Wear it must push-push because it is made of rubber. Bunyinyateot .. teot. Many interpretations of the name oplet. Some say the name comes from Chevrolet or Opel. Even from an auto word let. Most oplet branded Morris and Austin. Among ordinary people, oplet ostin also called (from the brand Austin).

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