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MS Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship from Royal Caribbean International fleet. This ship replaces the position of the Freedom of the Seas as the largest passenger ship in the world.
The ship was handed over to Royal Caribbean on 28 October 2009. two days later, sailed to the base at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida United States.
When out of the Baltic Sea, the ship through the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark Fixed link on 1 November 2009 only 60 cm below the bridge. Inaugural voyage carrying passengers will be dated December 1, 2009. These cruises will operate in the Caribbean throughout the year.
Ship Oasis Of The Seas had 2.700 cabins / rooms that can be inhabited by 6300 the number of passengers and crew karyawannyaa or as much as 2.100. These features are offered to passengers as a two-story suites and luxury suites with balconies overlooking an area of ​​150m2 or promenad sea. This ship is also equipped an open amphitheater that can accommodate 750 people that double as a swimming pool, zip-lining, mini golf course, four swimming pools, tennis volleyball and basketball, and the arena of children with a conveyor belt, playgrounds and care of children.
This ship in a message in February 2006 and was designed with the name "Project Genesis". Laying the first iron made 12 November 2007 at STX Europe in Turku, Finandia. The company announced that its funding entirely from the Oasis Of The Seas has a complete and secure on April 15, 2009.
Oasis Of The Seas The name is taken from the name in May 2008 kompetisikan
Construction of the second twin ship Allure Of The Seas in February 2008 began. And the maiden voyage is scheduled in November 2010. Also planned to sail from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean.
The Oasis Of The Seas is a new concept of cruise ships such as designing kopleks housing. Has seven "neighbors" each have different characteristics.


Introducing Oasis of the Seas. This is the largest cruise ship, widest, tallest and most expensive in the world! Length 360 meters, 64 meters wide, and high (if measured from the surface of the ocean) 65 meters. While the weight, 225 280 tonnes. Heavy rain and waves on the ocean believed to not be able to shake the Oasis.

Just to know also, the ship is five times larger than the Titanic, the legendary yacht nan. He is driven by three giant propellers and running with a system of pull (not push, such as cruise ships in general). According to recent research, Oasis's pull system can generate power of 30,000 horsepower, and minimize most of the obstacles in the water.

Oasis made ​​at STX Europe shipyard in Turku, Finland, for three years, at a cost of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. If dirupiahkan, around Rp14, 2 trillion. Cost, issued by Royal Caribbean International (one of the largest cruise ship industry in the world).

On 30 October 2009, Oasis finished. He then did its maiden voyage in early November, from Denmark to Florida, USA.

People who are fortunate to enjoy the presence of Oasis, in general, will dub this ship as a "floating independent city" (modern floating city). How not? Luxury yacht with 17 floors and 24 elevatorini, able to accommodate 6300 passengers, plus crew 2100!

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