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Mitsubishi Electric Car


Mitsubishi iMiev
It seems our favorite media darling, the Chevy Volt, will have  bit of competition when it comes time for it’s eventual release in 2010. Though we’re not sure if it will make it to the US (like the Smart Car EV), we do know that Mitsubishi’s iMiev will make it to market a year earlier than the Volt and be priced lower.
The iMiev, which we start hearing about earlier in the year, has already been slated by Mitsubishi for commercial sale in Japan in 2009, a full year before the Volt is intended to hit US shores. There are also unconfirmed rumors that the iMiev may also make it to the US after a run of a few years in Japan. However, what’s really interesting about the iMiev right now is that Mitsubishi has just released a price figure of what $37,496 US, which is about $2,500less than we often hear talked about as the price point for the Chevy Volt.
Despite the similarities in pricing and release date, the two cars are very different beasts. The iMiev is based on a current Kei-car produced by Mitsubishi for Japan, and has a 47kW electric motor powered by a 330-volt lithium ion battery pack. The car will have a top speed of 80 mph and an all electric range of about 100 miles. Charging will take place via a normal power outlet and should take about 14 hours to completely charge the battery, though there is all a 220V charge option, which only takes 7 hours.
On the other hand, the Volt will feature a sportier 120kW motor and 100+ mph top speed, but will only have an electric range of 20 or 40 miles (depending on the speculation and model selection), after which is will switch over to your standard dinosaur burning engine like in most cars these days. Chevy claims that most people never drive over 40 miles in a day, but I’m sure these Volts will be burning enough fossil fuels that calling them “electric cars” will leave a bitter taste in some peoples’ mouths. I think series hybrid or plug-in hybrid is much more appropriate.

Mitsubishi Electric Car

Mitsubishi Electric Car 

Mitsubishi Corporation is a conglomerate of independent clothing gathered under a single brand. The company has an interesting history, beginning as a shipping company in 1870. Then they moved to the mining, shipbuilding, banking, insurance, storage, trade, paper, steel, glass, electrical equipment, aircraft, oil and real estate.
The company realized the famous Japanese Zero during the World War 2. The zero was great in the battle for Wake Island raids Kamakaze aircraft carrier.
After the war, Mitsubishi began to dabble in the fields of petrochemical and nuclear. The company is currently the largest Japanese trading company with 200 companies in 80 countries and more than 50,000 workers. Electric vehicles are being developed seriously in Japan
For the record, Japan Electric Vehicle Club has established a world distance record for an electric car with a full load. 1,456 drivers completed 17 laps on an oval track Shimotsuma Ibaraki. The speed was 40 km / h (25 mph) the car turned Daihatsu Mira. The total distance EV addition to an incredible 1003 km (623 miles).
The iMiEV is the latest in a series of electric cars developed since the company launched a study on technology in 1970. The iMiEV started life as an old 2005 Dodge Colt with two-wheel electric motors for power. After several changes in the design of the wheels, iMiEV is today was developed in 2006.
The car was the first time in 2009. It is one of the first of a new wave of electric cars on the market. utilities and other agencies have been field testing MIEV platform since 2007. The results were generally not made public. However, no user feedback from people testing the car.
The specification lists iMiEV well, with a 16kWh Li-Ion drive a car and a top speed 80mph/130kph for a range of 75 miles (130 km). The car is small compared to Western standards at about £ 2068 / 940 kg empty. Note that 16kWh storage battery means the energy equivalent of about half a gallon of gas!
In the research department, the wheels of cars are designed to be as close as possible, even in the corners of the car. This along with a wide range of glass front gives the car a bit unique.
Some of the most critical comments about the performance iMiEV focused on issues of scope. It seems that when it’s cold, the published range value drops a bit. This problem can be set permanently with the results of a test of 50 vehicles on the ground in Canada for Hydro-Quebec.
A iMiEV recently tested in a week in Tokyo, was positive, and an interesting commentary on the state of development of VE in this area. As the battery reaches empty, a car navigation system to provide places near fastloaders. The Japanese government is supporting the development of a national infrastructure of so-called “stations” echo. Tokyo already has a lot of points quickly load and installed.
The car is on sale in Japan for about $ 40,000 (USD), $ 50,000 (USD) Hong Kong (only 50 are available) and a little more in the United Kingdom. Cars are not yet available for sale in the United States.
So far, about 1,500 were sold in 2010 iMiEV. Production figures for 2010 were estimated at 5,000 units.
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Going forward Mitsubishi goes to become a builder of pure EVs and plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles (PHEVs). So much so, that the new Mitsubishi North yank president Yoichi Yokozawa simply announced that no but eight EVs or PHEVs are going to be on sale by 2015.


Mr. Yokozawa said that Mitsubishi can, "Become the type ofcar company that society expects us to be, that the world desires us to be." however what concerning the type of company that customers want? that continues to be to be seen, of course.

What is clear, is that the long awaited i (formerly referred to as the i MiEV) are going to be happening sale. How much? $27,990. A biggish chunk of amendment, for sure. however bear in mind that electrical vehicles get a $7500 federal tax credit, the worth drops to a additional likeable $20,490, creating it the most cost effective EV you'll be able to obtain.


Demo cars can show up at dealerships in November, and actual cars are going to be charging away in customers garages come back January of 2012. With the high worth of gas and therefore the currently seemingly inherently unstable nature of the petroleum market, Mitsubishi's i'll most likely realize a couple of sensible homes.

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