We can find places of perfume sellers in car supermarkets, usually reserved for plots car accessories including car perfume in it. If we look again definitely found the scent of fruits such as oranges or again the scent of flowers / flower. Not long ago also had a lot of cars available fragrances smell of coffee, yes with the aroma of coffee can reduce all kinds of odors in the car, sehinggan aroma becomes flat in the car, on the bright side odors are not expected to be lost but for those who want to expect a fragrant aroma that makes no fresh and fragrant.

If you're feeling bored with a car air freshener with a citrus flavor of coffee or even interest, whether you've tried to with the smell of soap? nah it does not mean your car is equal to wc (sorry), have we inhale the perfume of our hair after shampoan? or feeling refreshed after a shower berbilaskan body soap? perfumed soap-sabunan brings its own scent than the scent of fresh citrus / flower / coffee. Want to try? let us pick out all the soap scent car freshener as what we can use. Go to the supermarkets is large enough, then (remember!) do you look for them in special plots can be said for the car accessories you will not find it there. Look at lots of air freshener, soaps or cleaning floors, bathroom deodorizers.
Find the Air Wick brand (this is not a sponsor message) with a sense of Lavender, purple characteristics. Price was not too expensive like car perfumes in general. Buy some or buy one if you want to try it first. Pengarum this model is not actually intended for the car, but for air freshener, bathroom and the like, but not wrong to try to use in the car anda.di.
Once you buy it, go and you can put these fragrances on your car dashboard or place that you think suitable.
Or if you're tough or do not want to put away, you can hang it (on the packaging of small plastic rope had been prepared to be mounted). You can put it on a stick dangling near the steering wheel or above the rearview mirror.
Please enjoy the smell of soap on your car, tried in a few days, if you feel fresher and smell the fragrance makes you feel imitate please use continues, and if it does not smell you like, you can throw them away. From some motorists have tried this soap scent, they feel fit and use it on. Suggested authors use 2 packs at once to get the maximum fragrance for over 2 weeks - 4 weeks.