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Foto: Alvaro Bautista/Getty Images
Foto: Alvaro Bautista/Getty Images
Faenza - MotoGP test debut in 2012 will take place next week. Alvaro Bautista admitted can not wait to try out 1000cc engine.
As is known, started to race the 2012 season, MotoGP bike riders will use the engine capacity of 1000cc. Bautista had never felt the enormity of the power of the 1000cc motor.

Therefore, when making his debut in MotoGP, Honda Gresini rider menggeber 800cc motorcycles with engine power. But on 31 January, Bautista will eliminate the patience to test the 1000cc motor.

"I do not know what to expect anymore. Therefore, the strength for my 800cc motorcycle have enough power and speed are great as well," said Bautista, as reported by MCN, Thursday (26/01/2012).

"So, I do not understand what it's like riding a 1000cc bike, but I can not wait to tried it. I heard from other drivers, the motor will more often slip when making a bend, so it'll be fun," he said.

Bautista had just joined the Gresini at the beginning of this season, after Suzuki decided to withdraw from MotoGP. Spaniard will strengthen Gresini until 2014.

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