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Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris

Vespa history began more than a century ago, precisely 1884. Piaggio company was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio. Rinaldo's business began ship equipment. But at the end of the century, Piaggio was also producing Railroad, Wagon Train, Truck body, engine and train. In World War I, the company manufactures and Naval Aircraft. In 1917 Piaggio bought a new plant in Pisa, and four years later Rinaldo took over a small plant in Pontedera in the Tuscany region of Italy. The plant in Pontedera which is what the Center for aircraft production and their components (propellers, engines and aircraft) During World War II, the Pontedera factory making aircraft engines P108 for two passengers and bomber versions.bc151  enrico20piaggio Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
At the end of World War II, Piaggio factory was bombed by allied aircraft. After the war, Enrico Piaggio Piaggio took over from his father (Rinaldo Piaggio). At that time Italy was deteriorating economy, Enrico decided to design an inexpensive means of transportation. Enrico decided to focus his company's attention on the problem of personal mobility it needs the Italian society. Then join Corradino D'Ascanio, talented aviation engineers who design, conceptualize and flew the helicopter Modern First Piaggio.
fba16  vespa Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
fba16  vespa wed2 Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
D'Ascanio to design a simple, economical, comfortable and elegant. D'Ascanio envisioned a revolutionary new vehicle. By taking a picture of aircraft technology, he imagined a vehicle built with a "monocoque" or unibody steel chassis. Tires front forks like landing a plane where it is easy for replacement tires. The result is a design inspired from a plane that is to date different from other vehicles.

Vespa History The Legendary
de198  vespa Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
Then in 1945, construction of an alternative is found. Initially the concept was a steel framed bike with rounded curves like a tunnel. Surprisingly, it turns out the staternya designed using bomb components and wheels taken from aircraft wheels. In order to optimize the shape and the security of its users, the manufacturer who was then still regarded as an attempt "five foot" design board feet on the front cover. The project is directly led by Corradino D'Ascanio. Therefore, any patent rights to their pocket immediately.
Vespa History The Legendary

a2218  vespa 150 Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
a2218  vespa lx 60 1 Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
The result, came the first time the motor products with MP5 series. These vehicles are technologically simple but had a very interesting shape, like an animal stinger (bees / wasps) because of the shape skeleton. However, because the form of a safety cover is like a surfboard, a number of workers at the Piaggio factory was even speak of it as motor Paperino. Please remember, Paperino is cynical satire to figure Donald Duck (duck). So, d'Ascanio was rotary sense to improve the model.
892da  00Vespaheader5Bgeghans5D Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
892da  vespa Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
D'Ascanio only needed a few days to conceptualize re-shape design and prototype vehicle named MP6. When Enrico Piaggio saw protototip MP6, he accidentally called out "Una Sambra Vespa" (looks like a wasp). Finally the call by accident, it was decided this vehicle named 'Vespa' (wasps in the Indonesian language). In April 1946, MP6 prototype began mass-produced at the Piaggio factory in Pontedera, Italy. At the end of 1949, has been in production of 35,000 units and in 10 years has produced 1 million units and in mid-1950. During the 1960's and 1970's Vespa became a symbol of the revolution of ideas at that time.
892da  Vespa 150 Black Beige Scooters Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
892da  vespa px Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
Subsequent developments, this product was absorbed by the market demand of France, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, and India - in addition to the domestic market of these products sell like hotcakes. In addition, India also produces the same type and form by taking the Bajaj engine. The type is and Bajaj Bajaj Super Deluxe. A number of parties then filed a joint application to create a Vespa. Then in 1950 comes the German-made Vespa 125 cc.
At that time many other countries are trying to make a similar product, but it turns out they were not at all able to compete with Piaggio. Among the competitors is the Lambretta, Heinkel, Zundapp and NSU. For the people of Indonesia, the Lambretta products and Zundapp, was popular in the era of the 1960s. Quizzed had inquired, fanaticism appears due to the Vespa was the basic characteristic of this motor is always maintained at each subsequent product. Even when they spelled out a "revolution" in the form of new products, the Vespa 150 GS, distinctiveness voluptuous ass still feels attached.

892da  2 vintage vespa cheesecakec Sejarah Vespa Yang Legendaris
Product 150 GS - was then known as Vespamore and almost always appear in every film of the 1960s - indeed sorotnya steering and lights began to be fused. But, as a whole let alone the form of his ass, really still rounded. And the story continues today with a new generation of Vespa models, offering Vespa ET2, Vespa ET4, Vespa and Vespa PX150 GranTurismo. Vespa Scooter but not just one of those Italian Icon.

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