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2012 Jaguar XF Dibanderol Rp1, 35 Billion

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F: Jaguar XF 
AKARTA-official Jaguar Distributor in Indonesia, PT Grandauto Dynamics, launched its latest premium sedan in the Jaguar XF 2012 Jaguar official showroom at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Britain's latest premium sedan is priced from Rp 1, 35 billion on the road.

"Jaguar has been known for its classy design and powerful performance, both in Indonesia and abroad. With the launch of the series in 2012 XF XF 3.0L V6 variant we hope to accommodate the needs of the consumer to have the vehicle design is elegant, comfortable and high tech," explained Chief Operating Officer of PT Grandauto Dynamics, Darwin Maspolim, Thursday (01/26/2012).

Some real changes seen in the latest Jaguar XF. Changes include exterior and interior. Exterior side of the most striking changes in the front grille and front bumper which is divided drawing this three-part and the lower aft characteristic that differentiates it from other series.

In addition, HID Xenon headlights are now equipped with a functioning LED daytime running lights with symbols typical A-Blade. LED lights are also used as a combination taillights, brake, and Sein.

Interior changes are not significant enough, but still attractive and increase the impression of luxury. In the center console features Hello Iluminatuin adopted when the engine running blue lights will also be lit so that the buttons are pinned on the console features will seem luxurious. Steering wheel is wider now but has the same capabilities as the previous multi-function steering wheel.

Jaguar XF 3.0L V6 gasoline engine equipped with a power capable of spraying up to 238 PS and 293 Nm of torque mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. With this machine XF capable of driving up to a maximum speed of 250 kph. The machine was producing 26.8 mpg and CO2 emissions to 249 g / km.

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