The following limitations when you want to use wheels with ring size larger than standard wheel size. You will remain comfortable driving when using a wheel that size difference is not more than 2 "from the standard wheels you, eg your standard wheels are 15" then use the maximum wheels with ring 17 ', as well as the standard wheels measure 16 "alloy wheels with size of the maximum use 18 ".

Why is not advisable to replace the wheels with size no more than 2 "? author's experience when you use a wheel with a size of more than 2 "of the standard alloy wheels your car then will you get is you could feel the steering is hard (not soft), very uncomfortable when passing the damaged roads and potholes, you should be more extra effects be careful in driving, it makes over time you become uncomfortable in driving.

And also the author does not recommend changing your car with a standard per other people say (and probably said the seller) will further look cute anymore because the car's position would be even lower. Yes indeed if you only drove the car on a smooth road it was still acceptable, but the quality of roads in Indonesia is very, very not support for it.
Profile tires are also many kinds and many brands. It can not be specified a particular brand would be better. All depends on the needs. You want profile tires with more bite to function with asphalt or casual, flower motifs also vary, usually the characters are more biting tires with asphalt tires identical to the character of a noisy (especially if the car you're driving at high speed). Konstultasikan with the seller wheels / tires, tell your wishes, suggestions, authors are requested type of tires are not noisy but still biting with asphalt. For example, identical with the Falken brand tires tires are noisy but in fact there is also a type that is not noisy, then for Achilles brand synonymous with good tires but in fact there is also the type of tires are noisy. Do not forget after you replace the wheels / new tires do Balancing & Spooring.