Some types of parking sensors there are two points that provide the eye to be placed in the rear bumper, but there are also 4 points that provide the eye. According to the author of more and more points then his eyes widened Parking Sensors absorption in the censoring distance. Once the sensor is installed, then the way it works is quite simple, when you enter a reverse gear, then the sensor is working. Sensors provide a variety of indicators, there is a bar indicator, there are also indicators of the assumptions behind the rest of the distance to the object. In the example below uses a sensor with distance indicator assuming the rest of the object that is behind the bumper.
Accessories Parking Sensors, it looks not so important, but when once installed and you try it, then the existence of parking sensor in your car kendaaran very useful and helps you in driving. Makes you confident in your vehicle back. Do not hesitate to install parking sensor accessories on your vehicle, if not already have it.