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VW Golf 7 stretcher Version Plug-in Hybrid

VW Golf 7 Usung Versi Plug-in Hybrid? 

Volkswagen Golf 7, the prototype is still in development stage, is the new plan will be introduced at the Paris Motor Show in September. However, recent information on the spec Golf 7 has begun circulating.

Auto Express magazine in the issue of Februarinya mention that this latest generation VW Golf was to be launched also in the version of the plug-in hybrid. VW reportedly going to marry the 1.4-liter TSI petrol engine with 80 kw electric motor, which is equipped with lithium-ion batteries on the Golf 7.

Golf 7, which is allegedly based on a prototype three-door Golf 6 is claimed to be able to travel a distance of 30 miles only with an electric motor, and only accounted for 46 grams of C02 emissions per kilometer.

Although using Hybrid engines, Golf 7 is still looks like a regular Golf 6. Because the electric motor and batteries are claimed not to interfere with passengers or luggage space.

? Since the position of the machine, we can move forward the wheel over and memendekan the front, which allows us to extend the look of this car, "said the head of VW interior design, Andreas Mindt to Auto Express.

The prototype of this new Golf will use a six-speed transmission twin-clutch to send power to the front wheels. In the interior sector, he also will be equipped with touch-screen panel similar to the iPad on the center console, which allows the driver easy access to different applications through the eight-inch screen.

Plug-in version is planned to be sold in 2014 and will be offered at a price equal to the GTI variant.

In addition to plug-in version, Golf 7 will also be offered in hybrid versions, where customers are also given the latest TDI diesel engine options 1.6 and 2.0 liter capacity, with power ranging from 85 to 185 horsepower.

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