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Generation Ford Fiesta Caught on Camera in Europe 2013

Generasi Ford Fiesta 2013 Tertangkap Kamera di Eropa 

 Since the first Ford Fiesta set foot into the world automotive market, the demand for cars continues to increase and even used in rally racing. And since mid-2008 and the sale of Ford Fiesta sedan on the market hactchback U.S. and Europe continue to rise.

With the success tersebutlah, the manufacturer will present the latest generation Ford Fiesta 2013. And it is as it was delivered from a photo Motorauthority managed to capture a Fiesta prototype model is being tested in Europe.

As usual, the prototype car will use the equipment camoulfage to cover the outer shape of a new vehicle. But usually, and most of the prototype car will cover the entire bodynya so many people do not know the new manifestation of a vehicle. But the Fiesta is just a cover on the front of the car, so changes to the 2013 Fiesta will be certainly different from the front view.

When viewed from the front fascia design if considered carefully will see there are similarities with the New Ford Modeo / Fusion. And a row of LED lights look lovely pinned beneath the headlamps. While the shape grille, a typical subcompact model Ford Motor Company, which seems to take the grille design Concept Ford Fiesta ST which had appeared in the last year.

Apart from the sector that was caught on camera body, but also log booknya, where there are New Fiesta this specification. In this prototype uses a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine 1.0 L GDI, and capable of generating a maximum power of 80 hp. And variants to be produced in the UK will be equipped with a turbo tool.

From the views of the preparations for new products Ford Fiesta 2013, the estimated and may at the time of the event the Geneva Motor Show 2012, held in March, Ford Fiesta 2013 shows the original form.

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