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2012 Ford B-Max Concept Use Sliding Doors Without Pillars

Ford B-Max 2012 Gunakan Konsep Pintu Sliding Tanpa Pilar 

Ford re-introduced a new breakthrough of a sliding door that imposed on the new variant, the Ford B-Max. The new variant is present as a baby Ford MPV based all-new Fiesta. Ford B-Max will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 event to be held next month.

The concept of Ford's sliding side door is called Easy Access Door System. This allows the space next door wider when opened as a whole, because the door of the Ford B-Max does not have a pillar in the middle of the usual sliding-door MPV vehicles.

The concept of a sliding door design makes the Ford B-Max has a side entrance of the vehicle with a size of 1.5 meters. The main rival B-Max, Vauxhall Meriva, measuring only 0.7 meters with FlexDoors door model.

Ford said, with a door model allows more room for the interior. Rear seat and passenger seat center, can be folded flat to the floor and directly. To be gained wide by 2.3 meters.

To ensure that this car offers the same protection from accidents such as another vehicle with a B-pillar. Especially if the vehicle was hit from the side, the Ford engineers use special materials that is ultra-strong steel which has a strength of up to five times lighter than conventional steel strength in critical parts of the body and also on the door, without adding extra weight to the vehicle.

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